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Accomondation for students at best location


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Direct reservation apartment

Now you can see and reserve vacant apartment directly. You do it by clicking the menu above there you select the apartment. You can also click Available apartments


You stream TV channels via computer, eg,,, To watch a regular TV set, use HDMI cable between Computer o TV, for wireless connection, it is good for example. Chromecast.




Timo Houses, Estonia

Timo Houses from Estonia has built and delivered the houses. Read more on their website click here ..

Home insurance

As a student you need a home insurance. Länsförsäkringar Gävleborg has a special offer for those who are studying. Click the following link Länsförsäkringar.


The apartments is 25m2 large, with private toilet / shower connected, mini kitchen with full-sized refrigerator and freezer, oven with built-in microwave, generous storage space. The ceiling height in the room is slightly higher than in ordinary houses to create space. The rent includes electricity, water, heating and internet is free off charge. In every house there is a laundry. 10-month lease (5889:-) means that the annual rent is divided into 10 instead of 12 pay periods. Move in during April-July, you get 12 months rent (4907:-) during this period. From 1 August will be 10 months rent. Staying there the previous summer, June and July will be rent-free months. To move out the notice time is 3 months.